1. Prophet
  2. Slippin Around
  3. Efter Livet
  4. Prophet (Grammis Version) [feat.Robyn]


My first name is a random set of numbers and letters, and other alphanumerics that changes hourly forever, my last name, a thousand vowels fading down a sinkhole to a susurrus, couldn't just be John Doe or Bingo.

Relentless agent hush horrendous circles on my pavement, two sticks to burn basics the lie adjacent to my placement. Oh it'll be soon, balloon immune to doom blend, I ain't ditchin' the kitchen til every spoon bends. I got a mantle, and the mantle is a candle, and my candle is a flame that burns to symbolize the day Gretel met Hansel. Then I settle at a stand still.

Busting accidental dirt bike donuts, outside the most ridiculous poison tongue brain silo, dead before the chubby debutante conquered the high note, schooled by the cruel intention inventions pensive sideshow.


Came in the door and the floor is lava,
killjoy if your core more Norman Rockwell.
I make music and connect color to canvas, swoop down from the trees with potpourris and other bandits.


Landed randomly upon the valleys of the grimace,
saw my planted leaf start burnin' from the oustide in.
Grief leaf thief briefly turned chieftan,
the tapwater's on, the water's off,
the water's leaking.