Holy Bubbles

”Holy Bubbles” investigates the concept of a concept where Zhala plays Zhala and Kim Kardashian is on acid in a doom state. The video portrays an Anastacia-inspired personality in a post-apocalyptic environment where mankind’s actions continue to tremble the power of the earth.

The video takes you on a breathtaking adventure in which a woman explores her wildest fantasies after the end of the human race. On her journey, the woman crosses upon two bodybuilders and a tattoo who all help her explore the boundaries of acceptance. With only a Porsche full of beige clothes, we follow the character Zhala’s shattering investigation through dreams, sex and hahaha”

Directed by: Tony Karlson
DoP: Josh Paul, Lisabi Fridell
Edited by: Lovisa Sirén, Ellen Von Zweigbergk
Graded by: Jason Baker

Made possible by
William Anzevino, Zhala Rifat, Claes Bergman, Alice Shulman, Nicole Walker, Siri Hjorton Wagner, Robyn, Mathias Oldén, Märta Thisner, Elin Nilsson, Roxy Farhat, Neda Senai, Brandy Hanna, Fox, Daniel Harding, Dave Tomberlin, Tom Packer, DEF, Sepidar Hosseini, Bitch Ink, our families, Uber, Hot 8 Yoga.